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End turn 1- Battle for Talathen Sector

End phase round 1

Well, we finally go through the first full round of the game. 1 week on planning/politicking, 2 weeks board gaming and 2 week role-playing. That seems like a pretty good balance for our gaming group and is keeping the content quite fresh. 

Mission reports

Well the team conducted a number of missions, whether they were abstracted diplomacy/intelligence missions using the dice system, table top encounters using the board/miniature games or the roleplaying sessions. 

  • Logistics generated four supply from investments to be used next turn
  • Intelligence forces sabotaged a "Empire Day" fly-by on Zenith, causing tie-fighters to collide midair during the parade flyover (2 Glory)
  • Lianna Tell had an amazing diplomatic mission to Selano, removing all imperial support and creating some rebel support (2 Glory)
  • Delta Squad attacked a military base on Korvas was bombed during the Empire day celebrations while it had a skeleton crew. (8 Glory for Leader, 2 for squad members)
  • A chief aide to the Moff was assassinated heading to Talathen VII for Empire day celebrations when his Lambda Shuttle was shot down by Z-95's. (8 Glory)
  • Czerka shipping was raided and a GR-75 stolen from Nimbala. (5 Glory, 2 Supply, 1 GR-75)
  • Alpha Squad conducted a clandestine operation (wishbone) on Selano, full report here. (10 Rebel fleet Favour)
  • Bravo Squad conducted a rescue operation on Fraxan to recapture Roark Garnet. During this mission misleading information about their location of the rebel base was planted. (Imperial focus shifted to Kronos)
  • Due to no operations being conducted on Talathen Prime or Luxon during Empire Day, rebellion support dropped on those planets. 


R&D had 1200 credits to purchase supplies for Special Forces, and purchased an e-11 Blaster, Marksman Barrel and Combat coat. These are now available for any special forces mission

R&D also has 3 point to spend for the Roleplaying group, but we decided to spend those during the RPG session. 

Training would normally purchase at this time, but we hadn't fulled formed the rules at that point. They upgraded four pilots from rookies to veterans. 

Clout and the draft. 

The Luxons and Repubnlican's entered this round at a major disadvantage. Not only had they not saved any clout from the previous round, they also earned less clout from having more people in "glory" positions, rather than behind the scenes pulling strings. As Commander of both Recruitment and Training, the People's movement player gained more clout than the others, also the Basra conglomerates player was in a close second.

Clout earned from turn one

Luxon Militia - 17 Clout
Republicans - 20 Clout
Bastra Consortium - 25 Clout
People's Movement - 32 Clout

Six characters were available. Recruitment had asked to find "ground pounders" so several were in the recruitment pool, as well as the captain of the GR-75 captured at Nimbala, and the operatives who coordinated "operation Wishbone". 

The head of recruitment opted for all the recruitment pool to be revealed, as well as blind bidding. 

Hallarn Yarn was considered by the group the top recruit in this weeks draft. With reasonable stats in all three categories, the reliable trait, special forces and spying skills, and the Chief of Staff's favour. He seemed like an excellent candidate for many jobs, and potentially a senior leader of the future.

The people's movement spent a lot of clout to secure his services. 

Next up was Garn Dravis. The Basra Consortium said it was doubling down and the areas it already controlled and invested a significant amount to secure his services. 

An unusual character, Garn is a average smuggler but a reasonable combatant. But the addition of a decent medium transport was what motivated the Consortium to procure his services. 

Fenn Singnis is next up, a hero most of you will recognize from Imperial Assault. His character card reflects his persona in that game. He's a one man commando strike team, or an excellent addition to Special Forces.

The Luxon Militia, seeing a man who fit's their ideology to a tee, went all in on signing this man up to their cause. 

Toryn Far has the distinction of being one of only four human females with speaking lines in the original trilogy. A smart character who excels at coordinating others actions, she would be an asset to any area, but excels at coordinating starfighter operations.

The Republicans spent their stack of Clout to secure her loyalty. 

Gaxx is the most one dimensional character in this group, but he's really good at what he does. In Imperial assault, he uses the "wookie" cards and is a melee wrecking ball. Just don't expect him to conduct a fine tea ceremony. 

The People's movement put in a modest bid for him. But considering that both the Luxons and Republicans were tapped out, it's not surprising he went cheaply. 

Finally, Ged'Ruh Srazz, a Twilek who can hold his own in a fight, but who's specialty is blowing stuff up. 

Continuing the plan of "doubling up", his services went to the Basra Consortium, who now have a strong grip on Intelligence and Logistics command. 

Glory Scores for Round one

In addition to the rewards mention above, each player gets 1 glory for participating in a table top battle, even if they have no troops involved. It's a little "attendance bonus".

So final Glory Scores are

Bastra Consortium - 4 Glory
People's Movement - 6 Glory
Luxon Militia - 15 Glory
Republicans - 15 Glory

There is a clear split among the factions, with one group getting Glory now and banking it, and the others playing a longer game of building up their faction by getting more clout early on. I'm really interested to see how this shifts during the campaign. 

End of Turn one!

We conducted the planning/strategy phases for turn 2 on the same night. That report will be up in a few days. 

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