Sunday, 4 January 2015

Cygnar Light Jack Swarms

I Like light jacks, I like them a lot in fact. I like them so much I own a literal swarm of light jacks.

What's weirder is I use them a lot as well. I will rarely field an army that doesn't have at least one Light warjack. And occasionally, i'll field a lot more than that. 

Now, i've only just finished painting 3 chargers, 2 sentinels, 2 fireflys, i hunter and 1 minuteman. So i haven't got to go completely crazy with them yet. The key word is yet. 

At my next tournament I will be running a list with 3 sentinels, 4 chargers and 2 minutemen. It should be hilarious. Oh yeah, that list also has 20 focus per turn to spend. So silly. 

Now that's a tier list, but i think they have a place in almost any list. 

Light jacks seem to be overlooked a fair bit because of the obsession people have for running jacks on full focus. 

A lot of these jacks can get value for their points with 0-1 focus per turn. 

A minuteman only needs 1 focus to leap per turn, a hunter 1 to boost damage if standing still (rat 9), a sentinel should never really need focus, a grenadier can fire 3 shots a turn with zero focus and a charger gets a double boosted power 12 for one focus. Best of all, they cost 4-6 points and you can "focus them up" if the situation warrants it. 

Now that's with a standard caster. There are other examples that make Cygnar lights insanely good. Here's a few I use.

Kraye: How about 3 sentinels + guided fire? Minutemen with full tilt who can flak field important solos. Stand and fire Rat 9 boosted shot hunters who can move after shooting. Kraye loves lights.

Nemo2: Assign 3 focus to each jack? 4 Chargers, and that's a whomping 8 pow 12 double boosted shots, with energizer and movement, that's 21" of shooting threat. PEW PEW!

Stryker3: Most people seem obsessed with the high-power alpha strike to take down super tough units. I like the idea that even a small utility jack like a firefly can provide support for stormcallers, and then get a pow 13+4 dice, auto hitting, threat range 11" charge with reach. 

Anyway, light jacks, love em. Don't leave home without them. 

Oh, and you might notice the alternate paint schemes for the jacks below. I wanted to mix up painting so many light jacks at once, and I also wanted to create visually distinct "battlegroups", so i can assign a sentinel and a charger to a junior (or 4)

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