Thursday, 1 January 2015

Silverline Stormguard & 2 Warcasters

Welcome to the latest painting update on my pledge to finish "ALL THE CYGNAR" by the end of Jan 2015.  

First up are the Silverline Stormguard, a unit only available directly from Privateer Press. Which, if you live in New Zealand, means they are a pain in the ass to get a hold of in an affordable way.

Fortunately for me, one of my friends went to Warmachine weekend, heck, he even ended up on the muse on minis podcast, so i asked him to pick them up for me. Good job that man. 

This is the first unit I have airbrushed most of the painting on. I used black, then a dark metal and finally a silver in the manner described in more detail here

After the silver base was done, i used the dark blue glaze from Games Workshop and gently glazed the metal to give it this silver-metallic look. Overall, i like it. An entire silver unit would be too much for me in a blue army, but the metallic blue/silver keeps army coherency, while marking the silverlines as being very different from the dark blue traditional Stormguard. 

Next up is Nemo3, who I hated painting. I find Nemo3 the most disappointing model and concept in the Cygnar warcasters. The old guy has looked virtually the same in all 3 incarnations, and Nemo3, while quite powerful, lends himself to boring play.

I wanted Nemo3 to be an old man in a gundam suit of electrical power armour. I wanted something different, as it stands Nemo3 is pretty similar to his old form. He just doesn't grab me. 

And finally, Caine1. A caster I haven't used yet, but one who seems to have few fans. 

Caine1 seems to suffer from "1st edition, core set blues". He's very basic, has very simple effects and is ok. 

But he lacks the "OMG THATS AWESOME" that a lot of later casters have. 

I think deadeye, snipe and blur make for solid spells, and teleport is always handy. But compared to Caine2, I see a lot of short falls.

Which is sad, because i think their should be closer parity in casters than their is. Caine is a victim of the Apotheosis book, which made EPIC versions of the first 3 casters. And for the most part, the EPIC's were just that.... better versions. I hope they tweak Caine1 and Stryker1 when they do a 3rd edition to make them more interesting. 

Next up, loads of light jacks.....


  1. Nice job! They all look really good. I use pCaine quite a lot and when ever I do I miss eCaines killing power but pCaines spell list is far better in my eyes. Snipe and deadeye are great. I ran his tier list for a while and hot swapping snipe to two units of gunmages and dishing out deadeye too... man its powerful

    1. I'll certainly give him a go (as i plan to use every part of the army at some point this year). I guess i'll see how he works on the table. First impressions are solid, but a bit meh.


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