Saturday, 2 February 2013

New Warmachine Faction - Convergence of Cyriss

Wow, didn't expect to see a new Warmachine faction pop up. These chaps remind me of the clockwork from city of heroes, they look pretty neat.

Check out the official PP Video here

 A couple of highlights from the vid

  • Warjacks gain the MAT and RAT of the battlegroup caster
  • All casters grant their battlegrup a unique ability (like all get arc node, or shield guard)
  • They have some mechanics for moving focus around and reusing focus
  • They ahve a light jack with repair..... and it looks kinda nifty!
I suspect some people will cry "they look like necrons! PP ripoffs!", to them I say GW didn't invent robots..... shut up, the Cybermen from Doctor Who called. I quite like the art-deco, almost metropolis style they are going for. 

If they are very different mechanically, and it sounds like they are, i'd be tempted to pick up a small battle group as a change of pace from Cygnar. 

I guess more information will be out shortly. Comments anyone?


  1. Any info floating around on their backstory yet?

  2. Dunno, not a lot of info out there yet. They were part of the witchfire trilogy, which is pretty much the foundation novels for the whole setting.

  3. ok, one comment i found

    "Cult of Cyriss, rather. Cyriss is the Clockwork Goddess, and has been apparently planning to transfer a portion of her divine self into a mechanikal vessel on Caen. The Cult has been building various temples along leylines to facilitate this, along with apparently working on said vessel. Once the Great Work is completed and Cyriss is on Caen, her disciples will all ascend, transferring their souls to clockwork bodies. By the fact that we haven't seen a fleshbag yet, this may have happened already (speculation)."

  4. And here is a lot more!-quot-The-Collected-Seacat-Musings-on-Cyriss-etc


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