Monday, 21 January 2013

Genestealers - Batch one

Just a quick post to show off the Genestealers from my copy of Space Hulk.

I'm half way through painting these chaps and have started painting the terminators again. I must say the process of "properly painting" models is a time consuming one. I use so many short cuts these days that when I actually try to paint well, its takes rough FOREVER to get anything done.

These Genestealers were actually finished many moons ago, but i never posted pictures of them for some unknown reason. They probably just got lost in the shuffle while I was posting pictures from all the other boardgames I've done.

Looking back at them I must say i'm quite pleased with the results. It's a rare thing to look at an older model and say "you know, that's not too bad".

Anyway, hopefully this week I can bring you pictures of the 2nd terminator squad. I've only got the thunder hammer sergeant left to do, but the prospect pf painting his stupidly ornate shield fills me with dread.

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