Sunday, 23 June 2013

Bust a move - Finale

 When my painting muse is not with me, it takes forever to paint anything.

This relic project has taken a lot longer than I would expect, and that has little to do with the quality of the figures and everything to do with me being a bit burned out by painting.

The final three paintjobs turned out alright I thought though. I tried a few different things this time, but of most interest to others would be the continuing experiments with pigment powders.

The ogyrn has a small amount of pigment work on his sweatshirt to make it look dirty (note, nipple highlighting was not the intent).

But the new thing I tried was using pigment to represent camouflage paint. In the past, if i have tried do camo paint on a model I've used paint. This time, especially on the ratlings face, I wanted the camo to look like it has been applied "on top" of the original colours.

I used a technique similar to dry brushing to get the effect. You can still see the flesh-tones of the face through the camo, but it's an unmistakable effect. (inspired by platoon and tour of duty). I quite like how gritty the Ratling turned out.

As mentioned earlier, painting updates will be more sporadic from here on in for a while until my urge to paint returns. Until then the blog will shift focus on to boardgames and the Horus Heresy books for a while.

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