Thursday, 27 June 2013

100,000 page views

Holy moly, 100,000 views.... nearly 2 years worth and 134 freaking posts.

That seems like a bucket load.

I don't really know what to say asides from thanks for taking the time to read the blog.

It all started because Megapope goaded me in to contributing on the interwebz. Get a blog, he said, it will be fun, he said.

The crazy bearded fool had a point, it has been fun.

The biggest highlight was the response my NOOB's guides to Warmachine received. The faction guide alone has over 12,000 direct views which is pretty epic. Being stickied on the official PP forums, Battlecollege and /warmachine on reddit has been a really big deal.

My Axis and Allies painted set has drawn a lot of readership as well, about 6,000 views for that series. I'd like to thank the team at for keeping my posts stickied in their Anniversary edition section. Pretty stoked to see the number of people inspired to make their own painted sets after reading those posts, and some of their work kicks the crap out of mine.

I've used to blog to motivate me to paint and play, it's become a symbiotic relationship type thing. "I should play something because I need to update the blog" one week, then the next week its "I should blog about the things i just did".

Finally, a thank you to those people who have given feedback, played games with me, or offered support at different stages. Real names hidden to protect the guilty.
Master of the Forge conversion

  • Ms. Vomkrieg
  • The Monday night gaming lads, Megapope, Professor M, DJ Ekim & Rahana 
  • The Port Nicholson privateers but most of all Sicarius & Palarel. 
  • The Ministry of Wargaming team, Ginger Ninja, Lintman, The Scottish Play and the Ships Cat. 
  • Everyone i've played at a tournament who allowed me to take pics for my battlereports
  • Everyone who has run a tournament that i've been to. 
  • My dealers (namely John from Pukeko games and Chris from Mark 1)

The blog will keep going strong for a long while yet, so here's a random assortment of photos to show whats been covered on the blog to date. 

I look forward to adding to it. 

Chaos in the Old World

Sons of Medusa veteran conversions


Grubby Tank

Descent Heroes

Space Hulk

Sculpting 101

War of the Ring

Axis and Allies

Magic Runes!

Breaking arms and custom bases

War of the Ring expansion

Storm Strider

Storm Lord

A damm fine cloak!

Battlestar Galactica with freaking bells and whistles

Horus Heresy


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