Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Bust a move - Part one

The following is a repost from my friend Megapopes blog, go look at it..... do it now...... or when your done here.... actually i'm not fussed.... whatever suits you :)

This puts me in a bind now, as if i do a crappy job on the other nine busts everyone will go.... OOOOOOO I REALLY LIKE THE ULTRAMRAINE, HES THE BEST.

And every time that happens, a little part of me will die. So thank you Megapope and f*** you as well!

Megapopes text in bold and italics.... like some wiggly time travel effect in text form.

My good beardy friend Vomkrieg got himself the Relic boardgame a while back and after a few games he's getting around to painting up the character models that represent the various 40K universe archtypes that you can play.
And well, since I'm the resident space smurf fanboy, I got the Ultramarine captain to paint up. Hurrah! Here he is. Took me about 6 hours all up, including having to completely redo an entire shoulderpad when like a complete bloody idiot I wiped green tinted brush-cleaning water all over it, didn't realise and then let it dry.

Size comparison. 

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