Sunday, 26 May 2013

Bust a move - Part three

Right, so indoor photos were just not working out for me and the weather here as been a bit bad. So it's taken longer than expected to get this update sorted.

Three more relic busts done and i'm passably happy with these guys.... not really over the moon but not upset. Weird thing is i'm enjoying painting them for the most part, they are pretty cool figures, but something is missing, but that's probably just my painting mojo ebbing.

I tried doing something a bit different with the colour selection on the rogue trader (mostly, because most of the other models are red, i thought purple would be a nice change). I also tried doing an odd style of highlighting on the jacket by choosing two shades that aren't on a natural continuum. The photo of the back gives you a better idea of the effect i was after, i'm not 100% sure it worked, but it looks different at least.

The mechanicum Tech-Priest Enginseer is an annoying model to photograph. I tried making his eyes glow, but shot of shining a bulb in his face you just cant make out any of the detail there.... sigh.

Very pleased with the red on this guy, it's nice and solid. Used a few motes of dust to "wear up" the model as well. I do like pigments (and you'll see more of those on the ogryn later)

Finally the Inquisitor. He looks alright I guess. The red again looks pretty good, and overall I've been pleased with the faces. Was tempting to try some lightning source shenanigans with the glowy thing under his chin, but  decided against it. (mainly as i was pleased with the face and didn't want to gloop it up with green)


  1. They're looking pretty good!

    I'm wondering if one more level of highlight is what you're missing to make them pop™ a bit more? They've all good flat surface highlights but none of them have edge highlights and that might give them the boost you're missing?

    1. That's probably it. I should also at some point learn NMM as the metals all look a bit naff.

    2. I've been thinking about NMM too after I did a cybernetic head in greys instead of the usual boltgun. Definitely worth playing around with.


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