Sunday, 5 May 2013

Bust a move (part two) - More Relic busts

Righto, the first round of busts for relic are complete. Thanks again to the Megagpope for doing such a fine job on the Ultramarine Captain, but in the words of the original BMF Samuel L Jackson "Oh, you're finsihed? Allowed me to retort"

The Commissar is just a baddass figure, I mean look at that chin. Judge Dredd would respect that chin. I personally love that the model had no eyes to paint. Adds to the menace of the hat and the general scowl you associate with Commissars. I really like how the face and sash turned out, less so with the metals. It's not easy to see by the black is actually a very dark blue (which is a new technique i'm trying with black for highlighting).

The Canonness has a great face to paint, but the rest of it is rather plain. I Following the art I decided to add some dusting effects to dirty up her armour somewhat, with mixed results. Again, happy with the face, less so with the metallics and the black. This time I used dark green for highlighting.

The Callidus Assassin is a very very straight forward model. In many ways its hard to pain this well, as she really is just a jet black jumpsuit with a bright pony tail. I look like how the hair and eyes turned out, but im especially pleased with how the "wet look" vinyl/pvc/rubber bodysuit ended up. For the record it's the old citadel gloss applied liberally by brush. It's WAY too shiny to use for protecting models normally, but it looks very good on black bodysuits (I have used it on eldar aspect warriors before to paint the mesh undersuit)

All in all, these models have been a lot of fun to paint and the change in scale has been really rewarding. Only 6 more to go and then ill have to wait for an expansion..... and you know this game will have one of those.

I only wish they had come up with this idea earlier, Horus heresy would have been fantastic with busts of the Primarchs.


  1. May I ask what you used to undercoat them? I'm about to start on mine after a long, long hiatus from painting and need to buy all new paints to finish them - might as well ensure I have a good foundation!

    Looking good :)

  2. Cheers Dave.

    I just use the Citadel Spray black undercoat. GW does the best undercoat, or at least it does on that i've never had to complain about. I always base black as well. I don't like goign into the GW stores much, but i occasionally brave the depths for spray and paints.

    For paints, i'd suggest using any of the Valleyo, Privateer Press P3 or citadel paints. They are all pretty good. (Although i think the new GW metallics are not very good)

  3. Thanks amigo - I shall set to work and hope my hand is still steady :)


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