Thursday, 25 April 2013

Relic - Magnetic bases

Relic is a fun, but silly game. If you have played Talisman, it's that, IN SPACE!!!!!!!!!!

Well, grimdark 40k space anyway.

It's not a game that rewards amazing strategy or tactical foresight. It's a roll and move, draw cards, have fun and watch the madness game.

It does have some very nice character busts I want to paint, unfortunately the pegs for the busts are unbelievably tight and the process of putting them in and taking them out would eventually damage the paint.

So i decided to magnetise the bases.

It's a pretty simple process. Get some rare earth magnets, some green stuff, pack the sockets on the busts, lop the top off the pegs and Viola! it's done!

Just make sure the magnets are pointing the right way or you will feel like a complete idiot.

These busts are really pretty and im looking forward to painting them. They have a date with the spray can later today.


  1. What size rare earth magnets did you use? Did you get them off ebay or another site? I really want to do this it is a very clever idea!

    1. I cant recall sorry. My local modelling store just had them in stock at one point.

      Try these, Warstore will ship anywhere.Just get a set of 3mm or 4.75mm ones.


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