Wednesday, 18 April 2012

There can be only one - Highlander Tournament

Here we are, born to be kings etc etc wank wank


The poster to the right makes no sense. I mean there are all these references online to a Highlander 2 and clearly, that film should never ever exist.... that would be like making a sequel to the Matrix.


Highlander is the thought for the day, and that's because I am preparing for a tournament in sunny Napier that uses this format (a very strict variant of the format as well). The aim is of course to do better than last time (3wins 4 losses) and hopefully do well enough to earn the prize.

So what's a Highlander army list?

One Warcaster/Warlock
One Solo
One Unit (with unit attachments)
One Vision!

Kurgen - Just a badass dude really
And any number of warjacks and beasts as long as there is only one of each type. This particular tournament is going an extra step and saying no characters of any kind. That is their call and im ok with it, even if it means i keep thinking "I can take this unit and then.... oh no.... character model dammit".

The tournament is also 25 points, and with only one unit and one solo I am expecting to see a few lists fielding 2 very big jacks/beasts. I am also expecting to see a few big solo's and some pretty chunky heavy infantry. I have been thinking about how to counter this and I have a few options.
  • pHaley - sit in the bubble and wear down the opponent, they cant really out maneuver me as they don't have enough forces to surround me 
  • Siege - Few models means people may take big chunky units. Siege loves big chunky units and heavy jacks/beasts
  • eCaine - This dude loves small games, running around with his magic death pistols shooting casters and locks to bits. 
I've tried the first 2 with mixed results. pHaley seems good against melee forces.... but a shooting army really doesn't care that much about her bubble, and Retribution actively enjoy her coming up to use the bubble.

Siege looks solid, has a lot going for him as a caster in this format. I JUST CANT HAVE 2 DEFENDERS AND THIS MAKES ME SAD! But still, nothing to lose your head over. His armour cracking feat is almost worth taking him for by itself.... and I do like Siege a lot.

Next week I will try out eCaine and then post the 3 lists up here for comment and feedback.

Just enough time one more cheesy reference about this tournament


Seriously, just hand it over, i'm not gonna win it if I actually have to compete out there!

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