Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Cygnar vs Wild

Rangers and Professor Pendrake

 So, the latest guys to go through the VomKrieg Painting factory are my rough and ready outdoors adventure types. That's right a unit of rangers (As seen in Previous adventures in underpainting) and Professor Viktor Pendrake.

Well, the underpainting experiment worked rather well on the rangers cloaks. What you see hear is two watered down dark green coats of paint, a little black ink, and some dirt texture. (I even dirtied up some of the rangers faces for that added GRRR MAN factor)

I had some issues with these guys as the models came with broken and bent rifles, which was pretty crappy. I had to do some work with greenstuff to make the suns look passable, and its not the best. Ah well, there is a downside to ordering from overseas (The upside is its half cost, so yeah, not a big complaint)

Pendrake I wanted to look a little different while still keeping the paint job simple. I tried making his armour quite dirty, but i've only just noticed I didn't use weathering powders on him..... I must do that later. 

What I did do is use some colours from WAY outside my normal Cygnar colour palette. That teal and red on the bow and sword is minor, but will help him stand out a little on the table.

So what do these guys do for me in game?

I've been thinking about also mentioning the units in game abilities a little more once im done painting, so here goes.

Rangers are a novel unit, they don't really do a lot by themselves but they are fast, can move through cover and are very hard to shoot at in cover. What they do is add a to hit bonus to any ranged attack within 5" of them. The plan is to have these guys hang out in sieges foxhole and run one guy up at a time to mark an enemy unit I want to blow away, should work great with Sieges ground pounder cannon.

Pendrake is totally and utterly Anti War-beast, I wouldn't field him against a Warmachine faction. All his powers make it easier for you to take down warbeasts, and he can make one unit a turn very good at hitting warbeasts in melee. he also has a chain bolo he can knockdown beasts with from range, and once something is knocked down its easy prey in this game.

Hopefully soon I can show you Gallant, Arlan, A Gun Mage and Blaise (Even if she is giving me nightmares to paint)


  1. With the lower defence on warjacks, his bola works even better on them than on beasts. His 'beast lore' ability (to boost attack rolls vs beasts) is obviously less use however.

    Dont forget that Beast Lore works on a warrior model/unit. Your warcaster is a warrior model...

    1. That is an excellent point Sicarius...

      When Pendrake uses beast lore on eCaine all those legion beasts should get very afraid.


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