Thursday, 1 December 2011

Hell hath no fury like a Warlock Skorned - How to lose at Warmachine

Scorn is a feeling of contempt or disdain for something or somebody; to despise.

Skorne is a Warmachine faction made of flesh mortifying psychopaths with a taste for pain magic and penchant for cannon wielding six limbed elephant monsters (I'm not making this up)

Seriously, Skorne are pretty cool in a "Oh my gosh don't they look all exotic and foreign and martial like the japanese/turks" kind of way

Exoticism aside they are a pretty solid force in Warmachine. Not as tricksy
and false as some factions but with a few sneaky things of their own. Skorne are the heavy hitter faction of Warmachine and their Titans are almost as tough as a Khador Warjack. They also, as I found out have a nasty nasty assassin lord for a warcaster.

The List

Ok, so i'm trying out pStryker for the first time. Why, because hes there and I figure I should learn more than one warcaster. pStryker gets a bum rap from some people because hes dull. He is kinda dull, but hes solid. Its good old boring dependable pStryker.

  • pStryker
  • Ol Rowdy, Centurion, Lancer
  • 10 Long Gunners with UA
  • 6 Sword Knights
  • 6 Trenchers
  • Journeyman with Grenadier
The Game

This was a great game and I enjoyed it a lot. I was playing against Jimmy for the first time, who was extremely polite and helpful to me. We decided to play an assassination game.... my first clue I was in for a rough time was when i found out his caster was called Lord Assassin Morghoul..... Damm..... he sounds good at this assassination lark.

Wait a second? Isn't that Voldo from Soulcalibur I hear you ask.

Well for all intents and purposes Morghoul, the assassin warlock of skorne is Voldo.

Gimp mask? Check!
Scissor hands? Check!
Thing about torture? Check!
Ninja acrobatics? Check!

Anyway, the game was very good. Several rounds of maneuver and counter maneuver as I attempted to stay out of assassination range while whittling down Jimmys support systems.

The problem with Morghoul was stealth and the fact his body guards were tougher in melee than my guys. I had to keep my distance and wear them down, use attrition to open a hole I could exploit.

A few fast moving stealthed units on my flanks helped limit my manuevering. And an agonizer was causing me a great deal of annoyance with its ability to block me placing focus.

Sadly for me, dodging and weaving didn’t help when Morghoul popped his feat, and a titan threw Ol’ Rowdy away from Stryker and Morghoul ninja leaped over my guys and cut Stryker down.

You see Morghoul and his guys could avoid free strikes. This basically means blocking out models by creating a screen of bodies just didn't work very well. I almost needed to keep Morghould out of Strykers control range.

Lessons learned

  • Looking good for 5 rounds means squat when your caster gets killed
  • Agonizers are horrid and must die
  • Strykers feat can be used to withdraw from melee in your own turn
  • Some forces can just get past your defences, deal with it. 
  • Long gunners shouldn't be moving each turn, and really shouldn't be in melee. 

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