Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Radlandz - Post apocalyptic miniatures gaming

So, I ended up playing Frostgrave for the first time this weekend and I really enjoyed playing a skirmish wargame again.

I loved necromunda and really feel that scale, and style of campaign is excellent fun. 

But Frostgrave left me feeling like their were almost as many problems with the game as their were great parts. I couldn't help but trying to "fix" the game as parts of it seemed really wonky and awkward to me.

So, my solution? Write my own damned skirmish game.

Yep, this project is under the working title of "Radlandz" and is a post-apocalypse miniatures game. Frostgrave allows you to use all your fantasy miniatures, so i thought why not do something like that in a sci-fi setting. This way people can dust off their Necromunda gangs, use star wars miniatures, WWII figures or virtually anything else. heck, a lot of fantasy figures will work in this setting like Chaos cultists and skaven.

So here are my design guidelines for how i want the game to shape up

  • Allow a lot of freedom in how a group is put together so people can customize and explore 
  • Make factions that are flavorful and fun
  • Allow any model to be used somewhere, so the game is accessible to anyone with figures.   
  • Make melee important and brutal
  • Make cover essential
  • Have all combat decided in two rolls or less. 
  • Create solid campaign rules that allow groups to expand, but stop runaway leaders
  • Include high tech, low tech, magic, mysticism and power armour in one setting
Last night I wrote a draft of the core rules in one sitting. bare in mind this is literally a first pass at the concepts and still needs a lot of fleshing out and testing. 

So, is there a market out there for a game like this. What would you like to see in a skirmish game. I'm at the very early stages of development so get your ideas in now!


  1. swaaaak. Magpie going into overdrive! There are some absolutely lovely 28mm post apocalyptic figures from Twilight 2000-esque manufacturers out there at the moment. I love Frostgrave (or Thawgrave as we call it because eff rebasing all my scenery for snow!).

    1. Excellent. hey, if you guys are keen at some point, once i have a beta together you want to give it a go and break it for me.

      Even just take a quick look at the first concepts in the link above and offer feedback would be good.

  2. I sure can, that would not be a problem. Don't tempt me too much though - I'm being a good boy this year and finishing some projects....

  3. Well, you can use existing models :) Not everything needs to be a new painting project. Dan's planning on using his Space Marines when we test it.


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