Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Triumph - The jack nobody seems to love

My Triumph conversion was a nice simple one. I used my old school defender for the chassis and used my clippers to remove the old shock hammer and some green stuff to help secure the shield.

I have two magnetized heavy jack kits on the ironclad chassis, so this old fulla was only ever seeing play when i was fielding 3 of Ironclad, Cyclone & Defender. Which is not too often, so i figured he would be worth sacrificing. 

Also, I like that he's an old school jack. It makes Triumph that much more characterful. 

To say Triumph is an ugly duckling is an overstatement. I can't think of any model in the Cygnar range that has met with as much derision or contempt as Triumph.

Now, i'm not going to say that it's undeserved and that he's actually a top level model. I will say , he's not that bad. (he's not that good either)

My biggest gripe is cost. 11 points is a very very expensive Warjack. For that investment, you want something that is exceptional. Triumph just isn't worth it in his current state. 

Many people say he's worse than a Defender. I think that's a bit silly. Yes, he has a shield instead of a Shock Hammer, but the number of times that Shock hammer has been useful to me is pretty low. Let's just say, if i'm using the hammer in melee, i'm probably about to lose anyway.

Defenders have always been about a range 16, double boosted power 15 attack. It's all about the long barrel. 

To improve on a defender, Triumph has arcane precision, two more armour, the ability to make his attacks AOE, but loses the Shock hammer.

To me, that's a very good trade off...... if you didn't pay two points for it.

If I could tweak him, it would be to drop his points to 10 and/or add "shield guard". 

That would be enough to warrant spending the extra points to take him, and he would fill a valuable role in a force. He would be the "anti-Eiryss", the warjack that keeps squishy casters safe, while still throwing out long range support and picking off troublesome solos and UA's. 

As it stands, he can do that now, less effectively without shield guard, but 11 points is a serious commitment for a force.

Poor triumph, I try to love you.......

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