Monday, 15 December 2014

Stryker 2 and 3

There are few casters in the Warmachine setting that have more impressive models than Stryker version 3.

This guy is brand new for me, and I still haven't got to put him on the table yet. But I can't wait.

There is something about a cavalry caster that just has that extra bit of grandeur and gravitas that other casters are lacking. 

The assembly of this model is a right pain, and I strongly advise anyone putting him together to glue to bottom of the banner to the side of the horse.

You might also notice that I left of the decorative plates from the side of his horse. Personally, I thought they were clunky and overkill and I think he looks better without them.

This was also an interesting activity of painting two versions of the same caster in parallel. 

I tried to have the colour schemes very close and hopefully i suceeded. Stryker2 is another new model for me, it's pretty awesome to have a whole bunch of new casters and new options to play and I think both these guys will be fun.

In addition to these two casters, I have also finished off my Sword Knights and their UA. These are the first metallic models that I have mostly painted using an airbrush. The gold, for the most part, is all air brushed and has turned out reasonably well. The PP liquid pigment metallics actually work well in the brush, so bravo PP.
10 more down, still many many models to go :( 

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