Saturday, 6 December 2014

Darius Conversion - Or how i rid myself of Toilet man!

Ok, first off, I haven't got to use Darius in battle yet, so I don't really have anything to say about him asides from "theory-machine". He looks like he could be a blast with loads of jacks, but i'll wait to see how he goes before saying more. 

So i'm not going to talk about anything other than the conversion. And Boy, was this a big job. 

There is a load of green stuff on this model, as well as parts from an 90's era Chaos Dreadnought from an army I started making but never finished (I think i had the total of 1 lord, 2 tactical squads, some noise marines and a dready)

Anyway. I chopped Darius to pieces with brute force. I really wish i had a good file so i could have trimmed him up better, there are still so many uneven bits on him.

The body was turn around and modeled onto the dreadnought legs. Now I actually spit the dready legs, because the whole lower body was too wide for the base, and it would have given him too much of a "here is my crotch" stance.

Green stuff has been applied over the skulls and whatnot on the shins, to give it a more "cygnar" look as well. 

The head is off.... triumph I believe. 

The cannon was chopped off and remounted on the arm, while the spanner got added to the servo rig on the top. That's two old dreadnought smoke stacks acting as the servo arm. 

I initially tried having the hammer operating on the servo-arm, but it made the model too lop-sided and it just didn't work. So i ended up moving the hammer to his left hand.

Now i'm not wild about this conversion, it has many many flaws, but boy..... do I loathe the original model.

Oh, if your unfamiliar with it, here it is. 

Gross toilet man is gross. 

Oh, and bonus pic of his little helped "halfjacks" done in the simplest way possible. Shadowed undercoat + metal + ink wash. Done!


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    1. My loathing of Toilet man knows no bounds, i had to do something.


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