Monday, 20 October 2014

Zombicide - The Heroes round 1

Well, i'm taking some time off painting Zombicide to get ready for this Warmachine tournament, but I thought I would share where I was up to.

For the heroes I wanted to put in a lot more detail and colour. They really need to stand out against the monochrome hordes of the undead.

I also wanted to make the Zombivor version of each hero especially bloody but more muted than the original. You may notice the skin is muddied up and there is liberally applications of GW's bloodletter paint.

Doug has become a bit of a fan favourite at our household. Not because he's amazingly powerful, but because hes' Doug. It's hard to explain, but somehow Doug has developed a reputation of being a one-man wrecking crew that ultimately none of us are worried to see die. If Doug goes down in a horde of undead and we still win, that's a victory and Doug did his job.

Doug was straight-forward to paint. One little trick is using blue to highlight the black pants with dark blue. 

Amy is my partners favourite character. I don't know if I have ever got the chance to play her yet as when she picks, she picks Amy.

And that's because +1 move is handy, and she likes how badass she is in melee.

The neato thing with this figure was painting the fishnet stockings. 

Wanda, on the other hand, is one of my favourite characters. She's my "solo" who runs off to random places on the map and draws the zombies away. Frequently, she has also been the sole survivor (or the last one eaten)

He 2 squares per move is more situational than Amy's +1 move action, but a lot more hilarious when it comes off. Also, at orange level she can move 8 squares and move through zombies. She's awesome. 

I like both these figs a lot. 

Boring boring Phil. A dude so dull we made house rules to make him better (his special is he starts with a pistol, about the worst ranged weapon in the game)

I love how he turned out though. His face is one of the best i've done. 

I still have a dozen more heroes to paint, but they will have to wait until after Warmachine is done. 

Until then. 

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