Saturday, 25 October 2014

Kapiti Tournament - Good times

Khador double handed throw resisted.

I must admit, I like short tournaments. A one day affair with 3-4 matches is prefect for me. Just long enough to have a lot of fun without suffering from "tournament fatigue"
Old man Sevvy is about to murder another old man in Doomie. It's geriatric wars!

Thanks to Pelarel for organizing the event and Mr C for hosting us at the Kapiti Club. 
Mr Tank has been trying out the new merc lists. Looking good so far. 

The Kapiti coast is one of the nicest places in New Zealand, and it is worth the nearly one hour drive from Wellington to visit. Granted, most of the time was spent in the hall, but outside it was glorious. 

Those are some damned bright Legion. One of the young guys being coached by his Dad. Always awesome to see a new generation of players and parenting DONE GOOD!

A small turnout of about 14 players, good enough though as i find the big events a bit taxing a time. Also, the SUPER SERIOUS WIN AT ALL COSTS crowd didn't turn up. So that's pretty good. Nice and laid back event. 

Some nice tables make all the difference in the game. 

Several of us decided to play "random" casters and lists and try out different things. There wasn't a lot of "eHaley double Stormwall" type lists which is great to see. After all, the core of this event was providing extra experience to people from a journeyman league. 
Well.... nearly everyone played odd lists :)

One of the great moments of the day for me was the last game going in the 2nd round. Everyone crowded around the table to watch one of the youngsters taking on someone 3 times his age. It was a close nail biting game ended by Thunderbolts from gun mages...... dirty dirty cygnar :)

Thunderbolts and crit devastation = I CAN HAVE ZONES NOW!

As for me, I came 2nd based on strength of schedule, which is fine. I would have come 2nd on control points (0) anyway. And the last game of Warmachine I played 6 months ago or more was against the guy who won, and he beat me then (and I was using Kraye in that game as well)

Out numbered and cornered by  Lintmans Trolls. 

Game one was my Kraye "ALL THE JACKS" list and it was a load of fun. I kept forgetting to move my light jacks as light cav and forgot the impact attacks from heavy jacks as well. Kraye is a complicated caster with loads of special rules and tricks. I'm barely beginning to scratch the surface of what he can do. 

Yes, that is light arty you see

I messed up by picking walls in my deployment zone which slowed me down, Kraye has pathfinder for his battlegroup, but you just don't have enough focus to do everything. Fortunately my opponent left an opening that Hammersmith and some shooting could clear and Ol'Rowdy delivered Hammer to Grims face. 

15" charges are a thing. 

My 2nd game was against pFeora using Kara. Lessons learned were that light cav is really annoying to medium infantry who cannot catch them.

Also, it doesn't matter what focus Feora camps as Kara and Storm knights on a charge do horrific amounts of damage. 

The final game was against our host Mr C. 

He was driving a Borka brick, and while my Kara list has an amazing amount of punch, I was seriously worried about dealing with it. 

My plan was to let him take the objective with his force and then counter charge with my storm units. I was more than willing to sacrifice some VP's in order to pull him into the kill box. 

That's the objective. This is how the board looked at game end.

Fortunately for me though he moved Borka up and dumped all his fury, and I mean all of it in the Kriel stone.

Now Borka is tough, but not that tough. And with elevation and feat, and no one protecting Borka he died under a hail of bullets. Still took 4 blazers, the hunter and Kara to do it though.

Good times though, would play again


  1. Good playing you Jarrod, I will get my revenge sometime though. Cheers.

    1. Next time i'll bring a serious list and not a funzies one though :)

      I think the next thing i will go to are the spell draft and who's the boss events. Those look like loads of fun


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