Tuesday, 26 March 2013

NZ Nationals 35 and 50 point lists

Well, it's only a few days away from Nationals so here are my four lists.

I don't reckon these are super powerful or elite by any means, what they are is fun (for me at least).

I should have four very different play styles during the weekend. Caine with his mobility,  Stryker and an Armour 27 Stormwall, Haley in her bubble controlling the tempo, and eNemo leading a wall of jacks.

I also managed to get a lot of different jacks, solos and units into these lists. There is little replication asides from squire and Jnr (Stormsmiths get used as 1 point fillers, and the sword knights appear twice). I'm pretty stoked at the idea about playing with almost my entire range of minis.

I'm looking forward to having a blast, don't expect to win too many games (especially after I saw who i'm playing......) but I should have a good time none the less. I'll be back after easter with a full battle report entitled "How to lose the Nationals - three days of shame"


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