Thursday, 14 March 2013

A 4 pack of casters

So, its nearly time for "the Nationals"
Our nationals are on a much smaller scale than the NCAA

It's in bold and italics because its the nationals in name only really, it's not like you have to qualify to enter. Wargamers always seem to have the need to make things "prestigious and powerful"

Lord knows why, but anyway.....

It's a three day tournament, with day one being five games with 35 point lists, your placing after day one determines your pool for days 2-3. There are three pools for days 2-3 and games are 50 points each.

It's quite a neat concept and my hat is off to the organizer (Our local PG Palarel), because if your lose all your games on day one, you will be playing people who lost an awful lot of games as well. This bodes well for me as I kinda suck at this game. It should be good for all skill levels, the top players will hopefully have 2 days of intense competition at the top while the muppets like me flail at the back against each other.

I've set myself a couple of goals for Nationals

Stock art really is some soulless crap ain't it. 


  1. Play four different casters during the tournament
  2. Use as many units/jacks as possible across all 4 lists. 
  3. Don't play Siege
  4. Have as much variety in play styles across my 4 lists as possible.
I'm not playing to win, but I am planning on having a whole bunch of fun. 

I have 7 casters to choose from, dropping Siege leaves me with. pHaley, eHaley, eCaine, pStryker, Constance and Nemo2


Well, first off I make a simple decision on caster number one.

It's epic Caine for one dirty great big reason. Hes pretty darned fun to play with. Well, that and i might win some games with him. eCaine is a unique caster, he does virtually nothing for his army and doesn't run jacks well. As far as being a general goes, he sucks.

He is however, a mobile death platform of awesome. I can already hear myself saying "pew pew pew" everytime he fires, and having a ROF of "AS MUCH AS YOU CAN" means he will be firing a lot.

Looking to make a mobile list with infantry and jacks that don't require any support from their caster

Decision two - Fear the mo

Looking at the casters left, its eNemo that stands out. I've played this dude twice, and both times he was fun. Hes virtually the opposite of eCaine. He runs jacks, lots of them, and he runs them pretty well. With 3 or more jacks his feat turn can be awesome.

Energiser + Feat = loads of rampaging warjacks.

I'm looking to run him with a small unit of storm-"somethings" (guard if i get them assembled and painted shortly, knights if not) and as many jacks as I can get.

Decision Three - Too many Haleys

A certain friend/workmate of mine who shall remain nameless (Lets call him "the ginger ninja") has threatened bloody and brutal harm upon me if I play more than one Haley. I believe a repeated stomping of my genital area was promised.

If I only play one Haley, he swears it will simply be one swift kick in the nuts for my troubles.

I totally get the Haley hate. The are both extremely good, and extremely annoying at the same time. Their spells and feats are full of denial and game breaking stuff that can make the game un-fun at times.

Lintman has commented to me that pHaley in particular (with Temporal bubble) sucks the fun out of the game like nothing else. To be fair, i don't think playing Vs. eHaley would be much more fun for you opponent. Especially if you're using the "Cheese du Jour" for Cygnar, eHaley + two Stormwalls.

I want to play one, as it's a different play style from the two casters i've chosen, Denial and area control. I'm leaning towards pHaley. I also expect to see eHaley played by about 5 other people.

Also, I need my nuts. my precious precious nuts.

Decision four - Power armoured Knight hero type caster 

Next up I need a heroic type, with armour, who buffs their army and on their feat turns gives out armour bonuses.......

Oh wait.......

Yeah, these two are pretty similar in a lot of respects, which is why i'll only take one of them.

I have a Stormwall, and using my own little restrictions I can take him in one list.

This is what is currently putting pStryker ahead of Constance is the Stormwall. I think it would rock with pStryker and be a real threat, as well as an immovable lump.

pStryker is also on the local "gimp list" of casters. He's a guy who just doesn't get much respect. Probably because he's as exciting as a real-time radio re-enactment of the hundred years war.

Earthquake is pretty cool though.


Still deciding what to take and I have very little time to choose. Any thoughts or feedback appreciated!


  1. Hey there, my point of view is that while Stryker1 isnt the flashy gets-all-the-girls showponey jock-douche that his epic version is, I think he is a really solid support caster. He isnt glamourous, but his spell list really helps make the rest of his army awesome.
    Armour buff? Check
    Massive DEF debuff? Check
    An increase in Threat? Check
    Defensive Buff? Check
    So he isnt doing cool showy crap like casting lighting, making your opponents cry or teleporting around like some limpwristed pixie, but I think he is one of the best enablers in the game. He is a Workhorse, not a Showpony.

    1. I do love earthquake, i think it's pretty boss. It makes him a suprisingly good assassination caster as well as an attrition caster with his feat and defensive spells.

      He's probably not a favorite online because he has no real skew options. He really does work well with balenced, combined arms lists.

      Mostly I dont want to be the guy who'se playing eHaley and nemo3, as I expect to see those guys a lot during the tourney.

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