Sunday, 19 February 2012

Latest project

Right, so last night I battled the evil superglue monster and vanquished the horrid green stuff beast in order to assemble the next batch of models to paint.

In there I have Sam and the devil dogs, a unit of rangers (who had bent/broken guns grrrrr), Victor Pendrake, Arlan Strangeways, the female jnr warcaster, a gun mage captain, Captain Caine, Captain Murdoch, Constance Blaize, Gallant, Thorn, a sentinal and a heavy omni jack.

I've already made a small conversion to Gallant, by adding in some back banners. I'll paint him at the same time as Blaize to ensure continuity.

Thorn is a model I would like to do something different with. I want him to look part of the army, but clearly stand out as a character model. The precursor knights have given me an idea for Thorn (Not them personally, as my models don't actually send me messages or talk to me....... often).

Next step is to sculpt some custom bases and muck around with sand. Then on to the spray painting desk for a good seeing to!

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