Friday, 10 February 2012


Just a quick update from me today, i've been on leave and busy doing garden work. You would think that being at home would make me blog more, but it doesn't. I've painted a fair bit while watching TV, and I hope to put up some pics of my precursor knights in the next few days..... if only I can get the shields looking right.

Reinholdt is one of my favorite characters in the Iron Kingdoms setting. Hes a gobbo, who claims to have adventured everywhere and seen everything. He is also an incredibly lucky SOB, a collector of random artifacts, and has an uncanny awareness of incoming personal harm. I reckon he also has a cocky accent, but that's me projecting.

In the game hes a handy 1 point mercenary that can follow around your warcaster giving assistance. Probably his biggest benefit is the ability to allow a caster to shoot one more time with their weapon, which will be very handy for a guy like Siege.

You'll also note that his base is done in a different colour to designate hes a mercenary.

At the same time as painting Reinholdt I did my mechanic and his gobbo assistants. A very cheap unit that can patch up Warjacks, and have been very useful in the one game i've used them... although that was mostly a luck thing rather than any inherent ability they had.

One annoying thing is that as these are metal, and a small unit you can easily see there are only two gobbo sculpts. To break that up a little I painted each gobbo in a slightly different scheme.

Next up, Precursor Knights! I HOPE!


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