Sunday, 9 November 2014

Tempest Blazers - Cool unit, ugly horses

Oh Privateer press, how can you do so many things right and then do some things so very very wrong.

Unlike a lot of fans of another certain games company, I won't defend my favorite model makers when they do something sub standard.

The horses this unit are riding are simply awful. I've done everything in my power to detract from the horses in the paint scheme. They are drab and black with shiny bases.

The idea is that your eyes won't be drawn to the dogs horses these guys are riding. 

I really didn't enjoy painting this unit, it took 6 months to do........

Yep, I started painting them and they entirely killed my painting muse. Nothing can make those horses look good. I ended up painting the entire Storm Lance unit in a few days before coming back to these guys.....

The thing that really sucks is that they are AMAZING in game. They have mobility, great firepower, versatility and don't need a lot of support. Just put them on a flank and let them harass your opponent. 

Seriously, these chaps and chapettes have become one of my favorite Cygnar units and are beating out regular Gun Mages in a fair few lists. The extra movement and the light cavalry move after shooting has more than made up for losing true sight and jack marshall rune shots (which i personally have thought were overrated for the most part). Oh, and brutal shot kicks critical brutals butt.

One new technique i tried was water effects over terrain on the base. It's tricky to see by its made the mud all shiny and watery. As the unit has pathfinder i wanted to depict that (and take attention away from the stupid horses)

Coming soon, Kara and Kraye, along with the jack no one uses (but i will dammit)

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