Friday, 7 November 2014

Storm Lances


So, i'm back into painting seriously for the first time in ages. I have set myself a goal

Complete the entire available Cygnar range of models by the end of the Christmas holidays. (Note, this does not include all possible mercenary options) 

That's an awful lot of figures, but not as many as it sounds. Probably 30 odd models?

Once they are done, I will do a SUPER MEGA ARMY PHOTO SHOOT.

Because a full army should be something to brag about.

So, first update!


Seriously, just look at these bad boys on horseback!

If you haven't seen much of my army before, I have two distinct schemes for Cygnar. A light blue and gold theme for most of the army, and a very dark blue with lightning crackle for the Storm Knights. 

The dark blue effect is achieved in a remarkably simple way. The models are sprayed blue with an airbrush, then i dry brush a bright blue (enchanted) over the model. I think follow up with the GW blue glaze, two coats of it.

It gives the blue a really shiny and different finish. 

Lightning marks are then done freehand using the same technique as my rune script. Lightning blue, following by white with a touch of lightning blue.

 I initially didn't think much of Storm Lances, which is why they were one of the last units i purchased. 11 points for 5 dudes? 

It seemed like a high point and dollar investment for what i felt was a bit of a corner case unit.

I have been proven wrong and I think these guys are seriously under rated.

With the right casters their damage output is nothing short of insane. I've run them with Kara using deadeye and her fear to maximize their shooting and charging and they have been devastating.

My initial thoughts was all about throwing them out there on the charge, but what they have excelled at is counter punching.

They sit with your gunline, potentially riding forward to shoot and then riding back. And when someone tries to jam your gun line, you run right over them.

The Stormguard Captain also grants them tactician, which allows them to charge over stormguards and stormblades.

Just a great unit, and the look great on the table.

PS. just noticed i forgot to paint the rock on the base of the captain..... DERP!


  1. They look great! Good luck with your challenge to paint all that by xmas, I just hope I paint at least one unit by then...

    1. The best thing to aid my painting is a new TV channel called "The Zone".

      I can paint a lot more when i have trashy Sci-Fi playing :)


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