Thursday, 19 July 2012

Tournament panic!


Ok, so its not the Babylon 5 movie i'm going to talk about (Even though I did quite like the film and the Crusade series had potential.... but that's another rant for another time).

No, A Call to Arms is our big local wargaming tournament, convention thingy. From all accounts (well, Sicarius who's running Warmachine at the tournament) it looks like Warmachine will dwarf all the other games systems being played.

40k will officially be Warmachine's bitch in the region.

Not that I really dislike 40k as a game that much, I just like Warmachine a lot more these days.

Holy crap.... off topic again.... anyway, back to the issue at hand.

I have a crash course in speed painting ahead. I must admit that getting a new PC has killed the amount of time spent blogging and painting. Simply put I have a massive new screen and an awesome PC so I've got to play all those games I've been wanting to play for ages.

I'm pretty close to finalizing my lists for the event. In the next month I need to paint the following

  • 6 Gun Mages
  • Gun Mage Captain
  • The Black 13th
  • Not that I plan on using him, but I might as well finish eCaine as well
  • 3 Storm Callers
  • Storm Knights, 3 gunners, Leader and Banner (mostly done)
  • Stormclad (mostly done)
  • 3 Lightning pods
I have 30 days to get this all sorted.  I'm glad the My-Sky is loaded with crappy TV to keep me company while I do this. 

Please, kill me now, before I go painting blind. 

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