Thursday, 5 July 2012

Storm Strider

Well its been a long time since I've done a proper post but thankfully most of the craziness that has been distracting me for the last month is behind me now.

So I thought it would be best to start back with the biggest model I've ever painted.

I mean seriously, how cool is the freaking Storm Strider. I feel bad for some of the other Warmachine Factions..... especially Khador and their funny little horse cart.

Giving me an excuse to make "PEW PEW" noises in games since 2012

You wish you looked this cool
So far, my opponents have not being happy to see this thing across the table from them.

Putting it together was tough, the model is a mix of resin and metal parts that required a lot of drilling, pinning, gluing and additional support from green stuff. At various point I've been unsure if the thing would stay together for very long. Needless to say, I don't plan on dropping this thing from any height whatsoever.

Transporting it to games has also been a pain in the butt. If anyone has an affordable transportation suggestion I am all ears. (So far everyone has just told me to throw it in the rubbish bin)

As a paint job it was remarkable easy. With all those big areas you could put the first two coats on really quickly without having to worry about getting paint everywhere. The painting guide in the Wrath book was also helpful in doing some nice touches like the swirls in the energy socket bits..... whatever those things are.

Probably the neatest thing about painting this model was having that big base to play with. I decided to experiment with some sculpting with some positive and negative effects. On the good side the craters, boulders and water effects look pretty good (I used a citadel water effects bottle I got for half price).

The wall however, looks a little sad.

Anyway, fun paint job and no where near as daunting as I expected. I am actually looking forward to getting a Stormwall now.

Still very very sticky
Coming up...  Stormclad and Stormknights and Vom-Krieg takes on three people at Warmachine at once!


  1. Yeah, Cygnar wins out easily when it comes to the battle engines. Menoth and Khador Im kinda meh about. The Cryx... thing... what the hell is that? Just looks like another demented warjack/beast thing.

  2. The Menoth Vessel of Judgement is pretty good, but like most Menoth stuff not particularly straightforward. I'll get one and you'll see.

  3. Hooray - my frantic rechecking this webpage every day has not been in vain!!!!

    Aesthetically, the Cygnar one is the most impressive and the biggest departure from the norm. I too was a little 'meh' on the Cryx one, but having seen it in person now, it looks awesome.
    The Menoth one by all accounts is the most 'broken' in that in game terms it fantastic and visually could be amazing or rubbish - waiting to see in person. The Khador one is really solid game-play wise, but is purely functional as far as visuals go - but tat is keeping in theme with the faction on the whole. The weirdest and winner of worst-model goes to Retribution - the tick. As a vaguely ashamed owner of said 'tick' its a really functional workhorse on the feild. Not impressive at all, but really gets the work done required of it. If only the model wasnt god-awful. The Troll one is cool, but a knockoff of the Khador one, which to be fair is also keeping in theme. The Legion one seems good, and visually you either love or hate it. The Circle one looks amazing, and dont know enough to see what it can do on the feild. The Skorne one seems the opposite, impressive as a model (or so I've heard) but lackluster on the table.

    Phew - wall of text.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Edited post

      By the way, your Stormstrider is bad-@ss. And I hate all Stormstriders with a passion. They make my troops and army miserable. Which makes me miserable. You have a Storm Engine of misery. Just saying. on


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