Saturday, 26 May 2012

Stormwall - Data card

Ok, so PP released the Stormwall data card today.

Lets have a look at what it has (Click on the Image below to view card full size)

Lets look at the unimpressive stuff first.

The Suck

Armour 19 is a little surprising, While as a Collosal it has a lot of damage boxes I was actually expecting the Stormwall to have 20 or more stuff first. I'm guessing this is because Arcane Shield (+3 Arm) is going to be cast on the Stormwall in every game it plays and they wanted to keep that under control. To put it in perspective see the picture above, the warjack to the right of Stormwall actually has a better armour score. It also has less than double the damage boxes of a Cygnar heavy.

Metal Storm guns get a solid "meh" from me. That's the cyclones weaponry system and Cygnar has plenty of access to low power guns with covering fire templates (Cyclone, Long Gunners, Trencher chain guns etc). As a secondary anti infantry weapon system is looks alright, but its not bringing anything new to the table.

The ok

The big guns are a solid weapon system, good power and a reasonable range on them. A little surprised they have less range than a Defender and a bit surprised they have no AOE. Still, no one should complain about two Pow 15 guns

The Awesome

Hand to Hand. I haven't seen the other collosals but I am expecting them to be just as rude, if not nastier in melee. Pow 20 attacks, with open fists, a thresher power attack and the ability to punch someone into the next year. Oh yeah, and the fists have electro leap as gravy. Once this thing is engaged in Melee it will seriously do some damage.

Lightning pods, I am assuming there are more rules for these guys once they land in play. But the simple fact you can pop one out to 10inches, draw a line between the pod and the Stormwall and auto hit everything in that line is great. I like the precision of this power, and the fact it seems to ignore stealth and LOS. Sounds like a great way to do a little bit of spot removal.


I still don't know about Collosals, its a lot of points in one place, and hes not as tough as two Warjacks it seems. Admittedly you can pour all your buffs onto one model, but then your opponent can do the same with debuffs. I am intrigued enough to think about using a Stormwall, but not busting down the doors of my games store to preorder one.


  1. Hmmm, have the collosal rules been previewd yet? They do look powerful, but I'm not sure I like that left/right division. Can you immobilise the right hull or cortex without the left? If not, then why have that? With your preview, there is a lot still to come.

    1. Not all the rules are out, but there was some info in NQ40 and 41


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