Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Space Hulk - Squad Lorenzo

Space Hulk

You evil expensive king sized monster you.

I occasionally say bad things about GW, usually about their pricing model and their release schedule. Mainly because those things are 100% true and get in the way of me actually enjoying their product and my hobby.

Space Hulk is above that, it's beyond it. Space Hulk is what happens when GW does something right. They took classic space hulk, touched up the rules, and made it exceedingly pretty. The Mini's are THE BEST looking models included in a stand alone boardgame..... ever.... no questions.

And for those of you who want to rave about deadboringfleet, please go over that side, the kids table is ready to serve your happy meal and novelty pirate hat. Pick a fate card to see who wins.

Space Hulk was, and remains and elegant asymmetric two player tactical game where nearly every decision is nail biting and tense. It borrowed heavily from the vibe of the Aliens movie, but married it well enough to the 40k setting that it wasn't jarring.

The mechanics are simple, in that brilliant "easy to learn, difficult to master" way of early GW boardgames. I do find the genestealers far more forgiving to play than the marines, but with experienced players it seems to balence out.


I wont do a shot by shot painting guide, as I pretty much followed the one on the GW website. What I will say is that I took my sweet time with these guys.

I've painted entire boardgames in less time than it took to do this squad. I'm not an expert painter by any measure, and I get good mileage out of painting short cuts and techniques.But I took no short cuts on these guys. I think they turned out pretty good.

This is not a boxed set you want to give to KEEF your 13 year old cousin who just started painting. These models are precious really, and I don't normally say that about hunks of plastic.

Take your time, pay a friend to paint them who's really good. AND FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY DO NOT USE THE GODDAM DIP METHOD.

I don't care if you think dipped models look good, they don't. They look passable AT BEST.

Dipping these is akin to getting a bottle of $500 wine and mixing it with orange juice and lemonade.

Oh, heres the painting guide for those interested. The only change i made is i didn't like the Grey terminator emblems on the left shoulder. (Crux Terminatus, I think)


That's it for now.

I really should get this game out and play it more, stop treating it like an art exhibit.


  1. Nice painting. I just managed to find a mint copy of Space Hulk, having missed it when it came out. I can't wait to make mine look just as pretty...

  2. Cheers Tomas, Mint copies seem to pop up on ebay and other places but they are going for a pretty penny these days.

    Unusual tatci for GW really, make a limited release item thats ells well short term and has no ongoing profits, but that feeds the 2nd hand market, go figure.

    Don't see it happenign to Dreadfleet. Way too many copies available still

  3. Games Workshop should do a similar re-release of Warhammer Quest. That game was awesome.

  4. WQ was awesome, the fan community lost a lot of resources when GW went on its slash an burn crusade in 2009


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