Sunday, 13 November 2011

Assembly line - Cygnar

Wow, I had forgotten how putting together a bucket load of models is one sitting is a diabolical chore.

So lets talk about putting models together, especially metal ones. You see, i've been assembling Space marines for a while and really, plastics are 1000 times easier to put together. They really are. Metal models are a bit of a bastard in all honesty in that regard.

What do we need?

Well, if you see the photo above you'll see most of the tools I used, but i'll spell them out as that pic really is a mess.... it's taken after a weekend of assembly and gluing my fingers to everything (Models, themselves, my dinner)

Ill also mention some techniques and tricks I use for each tool 

File - To remove "flash" and mold lines (flash is those little strands of metal of the edges of models)

Drill, wire and cutters - Some models benefit from being pinned together. I can't be bothered doing it for all of them, but for some its essential. Just drill into both parts to be connected and snip a small amount of wire to glue in place. Be careful that you can pin it at the right angle, otherwise you in for some frustration.

Super Glue - Use a stick to apply. A good trick is to apply it to a fair few components at a time and leave to dry a bit. Once its getting tacky then press them together. Saves you having to sit and hold each model for 10 minutes. Don't be afraid to prop up a model against a book or another model while it glues to hold the piece in place for you. (In the pic you can see the banner bearer is leaning against another model while it drys, also, the banner s held on the ground by some green stuff)

Plastic glue -  For citadel plastics this is a must. The Warmachine plastics are a little different, so I used a mixture of super glue and green stuff (Not a literal mixture, its not some super compound for sticking things together)

Milliput - I don't like slotta bases when painting. So I fill them in with Miliput and snip of the slot at the bottom of the model. This is a personal thing, but i don't like the seam on the base. Milliput is the cheap way to close those gaps up.

Green Stuff - Metal models aren't the most flexible things out there. Sometimes you want to create a more dynamic stance for a figure, but the metal won't go that way. This is when I use green stuff to adjust how the model goes together. Its also really good for adding a little structural support to a weak join on a model.


  1. I think the assembly stage is my favourite part of making miniatures. Not using metal models is likely a big part of that.

  2. I would punch nuns for some good plastics for War Machine. But it's unlikely. The Warhammer 40k setting has "default units" like marines that you can cobble bits on on to make a devastator squad or assault squad. Most armies have that core unit to build off.

    Warmachine is too eclectic for that. It's a pity as the GW plastic kits are very nice.


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