Monday, 10 October 2016

I think I might start painting again - What to do?

I paint in fits and starts, I can paint a colossal number of figures in a short amount of time and produce way more painted figures than most painting sweatshops..... for a time.

Then I get seriously burned out and can't even look at a figure. Then I just want to play video games. Until I start looking at my steam screen and going "I don't want to play anything"

It's a strange circle, but one I have gotten used to. The last project that burned me out was this

I managed to paint a few things after that, but it was really the final straw. 

But now, I have the urge to paint again, and I have so many potential projects. So lets run through them (apologies for photo quality, we had to return the nice work camera, but will likely be getting a nice one for the business shortly). I will be scoring them on quality needed, volume, game interest, bonuses and blockers. 

Descent 2nd edition

Quality: Low to medium, my Descent 1st edition figs are pretty average but speedy paint jobs
Volume: Medium. A good number of figures to paint, but a lot of variety. 
Game interest: Low. Chances of Descent 2nd ed hitting our table soon is low with Imperial Assault and the potential of Seas of Blood 1st ed campaign looming
Bonuses: All the first ed models are painted, and the unpainted figures are just a blot in the box
Blockers: Descent 2nd ed didn't light my fire. I feel Imperial Assault is simply a better game. 


Quality: High. These figures are all solos and should be painted to a good standard
Volume: Low, 5 figures. 
Game interest: Low. 3rd ed is out but I haven't even read the core rulebook. Any brain time on miniatures games is going on X-wing/Armada and Radlandz
Bonuses: Only 5 figures to finish off everything, and I can use them in Radlandz
Blockers: Such fiddly damned models, I think i'll need to re-skill my painting before trying them. 

Imperial assault

Quality: Medium. I painted my previous Imperial Assault figures to a reasonable standard
Volume: Mid to High. Quite a few figs after I just picked up the last 3 expansions, and Jabba's Palace is coming with 20+ more. Plus any booster packs i pick up.... like I have to get Fett. 
Game interest: High. We are still in the Star Wars campaign, and even after that Imperial Assault remains a game I want to play more by itself. 
Bonuses: Would look good in the campaign to have more figs
Blockers: I have a shed load of pre-painted Star Wars figs that have been doing the job just fine so far. 


Quality: Low. The figures are a bit shit
Volume: Low. 6 dudes only. 
Game interest: Medium. Spartacus is a very popular game here and a frequent session filler when we are missing a player or we are too tired to play Star Wars (I.e, i haven't written anything)
Bonuses: Nice simple job to make a popular game look good.
Blockers: The figures plastic is really bad, like just terrible. 


Quality: Medium
Volume: Low to medium. 12 Figs
Game interest: Medium. We haven't played it much recently, but its been popular when we have. 
Bonuses: I'm 2/3rds done painting them anyway, this was the game i was doing when I finally burned out
Blockers: Expansion coming soon, could wait until that comes out and do them all at once. 


Quality: Low. Basic ships
Volume: Low. 5 small ship models
Game interest: Low. I've played 4 games of this, and people were so-so on it. I got a rules tweak from a friend that should fix the biggest grumble people had
Bonuses: Really short job
Blockers: That could sit in the box for a year or two before its played next

Star Wars Rebellion

Quality: Low, small figures needs simple paint jobs
Volume: High. There are a lot of figures in this set
Game interest: High. I've played 6-7 games of this since i got the game 3 weeks ago
Bonuses: Star Wars! Also little painted star destroyers could be cool for the campaign.
Blockers: The last two games i've played have been on Tabletop simulator. It kinda makes painting the game less appealing. 


Quality: High as all heck
Volume: Small. 
Game interest: Medium, another very popular filler game. Probably the most popular one when everyone is really tired and just wants to roll dice for no real reason
Bonuses: These figures are simply gorgeous, and look so good on the table
Blockers: Magnets.... no seriously. I magnetized my other models and stands and cannot find the rest of them. Also, painting skills need to be sharpened. 


Quality: High
Volume: Low
Game interest: Low. I want to play more, but I've just not had the urge to play it much lately. 
Bonuses: Most of these figures are at least base coated and probably could be finished off easily enough
Blockers: hard to paint a game you aren't playing much. 

Cthulhu Wars

Quality: Medium, I could go higher but too much detail on these figures would be a massive time sink
Volume: Medium-high. A lot of figures, but mostly its the size of the figures that is daunting
Game interest: Low-Medium. I really like the game, but I feel like it needs a few more of the add-ons I don't have to really come alive  
Bonuses: Those old one models will be a unique painting experience. And Cthulhu stuff is cool
Blockers: I almost feel like waiting until i get more of the game before really getting it back on the table. 

Fortress America

Quality: Low
Volume: High, loads of figures
Game interest: Low. This has hit the table once, but it got good impressions. Feel we need to revisit it
Bonuses: Its not a game i've seen a lot of painted versions of. So I could almost define what a painted version looks like
Blockers: Its a lot of work, potentially for little return

Twilight Imperium 3rd edition

Quality: Low
Volume: Mega high
Game interest: Low. People like the game, but the time commitment is scary. 
Bonuses: It would look awesome with a painted set. 
Blockers: Are you kidding. I did a list like this years ago and it was on there. This is such a big project, many months worth, I don't know if i'll ever get around to it. 


I honestly have no idea what I will paint first right now. Imperial Assault, Spartacus and a few others are towards the top of the list, and TI3 is probably dead last. I'll see how i feel over the next few days

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