Monday, 4 May 2015

Massive ANZAC Memorial diorama

About four months ago my regular Wednesday gaming group went on hiatus, you see they had pretty much all volunteered, along with a lot of NZ wargamers, to work on a massive WWI diorama.

For those of you who aren't aware, Gallipoli is considered a watershed moment in NZ history. Akin to the American revolution or civil war as a pivotal moment that helped define a nation. It's a story of a pointless war, for a dubious cause, in a far-off land, fighting for an imperial power.

It wasn't my sort of project, so I kept out of it, but I've been keeping an eye on their progress. And, with the official unveiling happening soon. Here are some of the mostly finished shots.

Great job to Peleral, The Scottish Play, the Ginger-Ninja, Lintman, Tank-Engine and all the other painters from Wellington who volunteered their time and their skills for the project. It's looking very very sharp.


I highly recommend looking at the link below to see more photos and shots of progress as the project continued. In addition, they will have more details of the full unveiling shortly.

Full information on this project over at

All pictures from Andy Palmer.

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