Monday, 24 December 2012

Horned Rat - Chaos in the Old World expansion

I admit to being a little worried about the Horned Rat expansion for Chaos in the Old World.

The core game was so expertly balanced and the four major gods played so differently, in such an interdependent way, that i thought adding a 5th player would through the game off its axis.

I was wrong

The Horned Rat just slipped into the game without creating a stir or causing anyone to think "WELL THATS JUST BS RIGHT THERE!"

I will admit we played with the original set of cards for the other chaos powers and kept the original old world deck for a first play through though.

How do the rats play? Kind of like a mix between Nurgle and Tzeentch. They don't add corruption markers but they do rely on gang tactics (and there are a lot of them). Scoring is done through dominating an area, so if the Skaven want to score and are, they hit it hard and with a lot of dudes.

They also have the charming ability to redeploy quite well. Rats just pop out of burrows wherever they damm well want.

This is the key to the rats play style. Lurk around the edges for a chunk of the game, and then turn up on-masse when a region is about to be corrupted or a throw down is occurring. I rate them as my second my favorite faction to play now..... (after my first love, Slanneesh, NOOKIE FOR THE NOOKIE GOD)

Anyway, my original blog post is here with my thoughts on the core game and a look at the minis

For painting these guys I took a simple approach (I know, you're all stunned and amazed at the concept). The browns are mostly highlights from the darkflesh colour. The bases are chainmail highlighted with some brass effects. Probably the only cool thing on these guys is the bases, which were done with snot green through scorpion green and higher.

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