Thursday, 15 November 2012

Harlan and Piper - A tale of two paint jobs

Harlan rocks!

Seriously, I love just about everything to do with this guy. Check out that hat and coat, nothing says "I AM A BADASS LONER WHO LIVES BY HIS OWN RULES" like a dust coat and puritan hat.

And that gun!

Who needs a revolver that big I ask you?

Harlan Versh does so that he can punish the infidels and burn villages of Menoth scum to the ground.

This guy was a pleasure to paint, I always love big coats and the leathery tones on this one worked a treat. Starting with Scorched earth, working through to snakebite leather with a touch of bleached bone in there.

A little splash of colour on his waistcoat completes the look.

In game, Harlan can be awesome or a waste of space. If your opponent uses a lot of buff spells hes dynamite. If not, he just another mook with a gun. (A well dressed mook with a cool looking gun though)

Piper Sucks

The good thing about the Piper of Ord is how we works on the table. He's a cheap solo with a lot of options to make units tougher, faster, and nastier.

His problem is that this model is old and a very shitty sculpt.

I hated painting him and pretty much gave up 75% of the way through. As you can see its not my finest work.

I don't know what it is but this guy almost single handedly killed my desire to paint.


Next week

My painting demon returns with a vengeance and I shall give you Major Haley..... and her pretty as robe of swirliness!

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