Sunday, 3 June 2012

Devil Dogs & more

Just a quick recap of what has been over the painting table in the last few months. I've gotten a bit slack on actual painting updates, but here's a catchup.

Sam and the Devil Dogs (With Murdoch)

You are going to have to excuse the quality of the photos, I normally take them outside in natural light but its either been too dark when I've gotten home from work, or raining, or I've forgotten to do so for ages. Therefore the photos are done inside under a lamp..... not so good.

First up, I decided to use an odd palette and mix in as many shades of random metals as I could find. Secondly, I made sure each individual had a slightly different arrangement of colours. Thirdly, I gave same a nice bright jacket and finally I painted murdoch like a trencher.... I also made his skin darker than depicted normally. I can't help but think that the iron kingdoms should have more than two black dudes (Siege and Doc Killingsworth)

One thing on the Devil Dogs is I didn't glue on all the additional axes and guns that came in the pack. It just made them look really cluttered with all that extra kit on them.

Journeyman Warcaster (Female)

So I've played about 25 games with a journeyman caster using a proxy (Some caster from the iron kingdoms rpg)

I decided to actually get a journeyman caster, and picked the female one as I don't see her around often.

Followed the same "primary gold" scheme as I did with my other casters. The only slight adjustment was that I started using the new citadel metallics on this model. So far so good.

More Jacks

I finally finished off the Sentinel and the second Omni Jack. The Omni-jack was deliberately painted a higher shade of blue than my other jacks. I figured that if I'm using both Omni-jacks as Defenders or Ironclads it would be a good idea make them easily differentiated on the table.

Also, had some fun experimenting with smoke stacks and ave recently gone back and redone all my old jacks to have this feature. Its easy enough to do. Get some green stuff, roll it into thin tubes and then twirl them together, like a soft-serve ice cream cone. They can look a little rough, after all smoke is pretty chaotic.

That's all for now, I may try and get some nicer shots later on.... oh.... next up is the storm strider and its looking real good.

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