Sunday, 18 March 2012

Thorn - Conversions are fun!

I tried doing some conversion work on Thorn. I really wanted him to stand out from the other Lancer I have so I thought long and hard about what changes to make.

To the left is my finished Thorn and on the right is the standard unmodified Thorn as painted and assembled by privateer press. The template Thorn if you would.


So what changes did I make?

1.) Changed the spear - I cut off thorns hand and remolded it using green stuff. I wanted a spear down look reminiscent of Maori weapon the Taiaha. I wanted Thorn to appear active and more threatening than a standard Lancer. This worked quite well in my opinion. It was easier to cut through the hand than i thought and green stuff is just really good for making repairs.

2.) The base - I wanted Thorn to stand out and be unmistakable on the field. I thought he needed elevation so I got some milliput and rolled up a bunch of small pea sized balls. I assembled a rough looking stone wall for thorn to Stand on. This is the first real custom base I have made, and I'm quite pleased. really simple effect, any monkey like me could do it :)

3.) Smoke and fire - I plan on doing this on all my warjacks now. Just the addition of fire and smoke out the back of the chimneys makes a Warjack do much more dynamic. I took green stuff, made 4 small tubes about 2-3mil wide and 3cm long and layed them out in a Chaos Star shape (8 pointed star). I then lifted each side up and turned slightly while doing so to create the bulb shape of the fire and the ridges in the fire effect. Trickier than its sounds, I had to make multiple attempts to get that right.

4.) Colour scheme - My Warcasters are Gold, not Blue. I painted Thorn that way as well. Marks him out as a unique warjack while still maintaining the core Cygnar colours.

So that's that, should have Viktor Pendrake, Rangers and Strangeways up soon.

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